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History of the Southwest Animal Emergency Clinic

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In the early winter of 2005, the veterinarians of Southern Utah and St. George met to consider the value of a local emergency clinic to serve the St. George, Cedar City, Northwest Arizona and Southern Nevada areas.

Some of the doctors had come from more urban areas that offered after hours emergency clinics and realized the benefits to our communities as well as to the regular veterinarians of having such a facility in St. George.

By April 25, 2005, the funding and organization of the clinic was in place. Clinic doors opened to a new service, known as Southwest Animal Emergency Clinic, to help obtain emergency medical services for all small animals in this area.


The clinic was originally located in the EastRidge Mall at 435 North 1680 East. On August 12, 2013 we moved to our current location at 1067 E Tabernacle in St. George.

Dr. Mark Wells was the first Medical Director, with experience of practicing veterinary medicine for 35 years in California. In 1975 he established a full time veterinary emergency clinic and has practiced emergency medicine for many years. He helped establish this emergency clinic in St. George and has aided in its success.

The emergency clinic is supported by 15 local veterinarians and has helped improve health and life of our area's dogs and cats.

The operating board now includes Doctors Kelly Houston, Craig Brinkerhoff.  Scott Hannig and Rebecca Thode, Mark Robison and Caleb Gwilliam.

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