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Emergency and Critical Care Medicine



Providing Emergency and Critical Care Medicine and Surgery for your Pet in Southwest Utah, Southeast Nevada, and Northwest Arizona.


1067 E Tabernacle 
St. George, UT 84770


About Us

Southwest Animal Emergency Clinic provides state-of-the art and compassionate emergency and critical care medicine and surgery for your injured pet.


  • On-site veterinarian

Here at Southwest Animal emergency clinic we will always have a veterinarian available to care for your small animal companions during operating business hours.

  • Critical care and stabilization

  • After hours hospitalization

Having to leave your pet can be scary! After making the decision to hospitalize your pet you can expect the best care possible. Each patient has a veterinary technician assigned to their specific care. Organization and communication is key. Our Doctors write out a specific protocol and treatment plan for your pet. Vitals will be taken as often as necessary to make sure your pet is stable. 

  • Emergency surgery

  • In house laboratory

​Our in house laboratory equipment allows our Doctors to obtain important and often times life saving information regarding your pet’s condition.


These analyzers include:

Catalyst one, Procyte DX, U/A Analyzer, Sedivue, and Coag.

  • Radiology - xrays and US

  • No appointment needed.  


Love Our Clients


What Pet Owners Say

"Kind and compassionate"

"Very Professional"

“When I called, the receptionist was very kind and compassionate, even through my blubbering. When I got there, she took me right into a room and took my kitty away to start her IV.  She returned her to me in a big, fluffy blanket and I found the whole experience pleasant and just what I needed during this difficult time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your professionalism, kindness and compassion.  I am so thankful you were there when I needed you.”

“I found them to be very professional and caring a great place if you have a pet emergency overnights or weekends when most vets are closed or want to schedule you routinely. I would not hesitate to use them again”


St. George, UT


Toquerville, UT

"Thank you for caring!"

""My puppy accidentally ingested a prescription pill. Upon calling my vet, the call immediately went to the emergency vet. They determined it was toxic and I was told to take her right in. While I was completing the paperwork, they immediately took her in and began to induce vomiting. I chose to have her spend the night, and was called early next morning to pick her up. Their staff was compassionate, thorough and she received excellent care. Thank you for caring for my fur baby.


St. George, UT

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